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Sushi Roll

Any Roll Need to be Tempura Fried $2 Extra
raw R1. Alaskan Roll
Salmon w. avocado & cucumber
R2. Philly Roll
Smoked salmon w. cream cheese & avocado
R3. California Roll
Crabmeat w. avocado & cucumber
raw R4. Spicy Tuna Roll 5.85
raw R5. Spicy Salmon Roll 5.85
raw R6. Tuna Roll 5.85
raw R7. Salmon Roll 5.85
R8. Yum Yum Roll
Spicy crabmeat
R10. Fried Fish Roll 5.85
R11. Avocado or Cucumber Roll 4.55
R12. Avocado Cucumber Roll 4.95
R13. Boston Roll
Ebi shrimp w. cucumber & lettuce, mayo sauce on top
2 Rolls 10.95
3 Rolls 15.55